OpenStreetBugs [eng]

13 juin 2008

Have you ever wanted to convert a friend to OpenStreetMap ? A friend who has some good advices, a good knowledge of the streets... but who do not want to create an account, learn to use JOSM or Potlatch, and learn tags...

I made OpenStreetBugs for this. No account, very simple, very light. This is a simple tool for everybody to annotate OpenStreetMap.

Then, mappers can :
- open Potlatch centered on a note
- download a GPX dump of the visible notes to load in JOSM (or in your GPS)
- discuss about bugs
- etc...

Thanks to OpenLayers developers for their fantastic job.

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  1. Anonyme a dit… ( 22 avril 2012 à 05:49 )  

    More information about OpenStreetBugs on the OpenStreetMap wiki

    It's a great tool which OSMers have taken to well. So much so in fact that the functionality may soon be integrated onto the site itself. In the meantime the Xavier's original version is broken, but you can see OpenStreetBugs at